What do we do?

We create systems to help businesses find market fit through sales, pre-product launches and market research.

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Sales, market fit, engagement - Decide what you are trying to find out and create the required asset (website, landing page, app)?.

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Set up your PPC accounts to track conversions, connect them with Analytics and press GO!

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If your test is not going to work, you need to know fast! No guesswork here : your KPIs will tell you to STOP/START or Optimise.

Who are we?

We have been generating business for blue chip companies since 2007. That's thousands of daily sales in finance, home appliances and international services throughout the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

We are involved in:

  • Foreign exchange
  • Internatonal removals
  • Online banking
  • Mortgages
  • Home appliances
  • Dating sites

Why do we do it?

When a product or service has proven market fit, companies generally pay advertising agencies to increase their visibility. These agencies are then paid depending on production costs, online presence, impressions and/or total media spend. And that’s awesome! That’s how businesses grow and these people are experts in delivering a message to large audiences.

In a pre-market fit situation however, things are different. You do not know who your target audience is, you do not know how to reach this audience, heck.. you don’t even know if your product or service will really be liked...

This is where we step in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what PPC, KPI, Market Fit and an MVP really means.

What is PPC marketing?

PPC means “Pay Per Click”. It’s a type of advertising where you only have to pay for people who click towards your product or service. Whether it’s through banner, video, or text ads, most web and mobile formats are available. PPC marketing gives you full control over your advertising costs and will allow an extensive number of KPI tests.

What is a KPI?

KPI means “Key Performance Indicator”. KPIs are used throughout multinational companies, with dedicated teams that use fancy dashboards to make even more fancy decisions. But we are not fancy, and a KPI is basically something that you really want to measure. And that something needs to help you make decisions to prove market fit and grow your business more and more.

What is market fit?

Market fit is a term often used in start ups to show investors that their product is needed. If a startup shows their product to X number of people and X% of those people buy the product, then you can say: “see, we have proven market fit, give me some money”.

But market fit is a bit more than that.. it’s about finding how to sell your product to who you want to sell it to. You can have market fit on a market stall of a small beach resort but not on TV advertising. This does not mean that you can’t scale your business, it means you should concentrate on developing your market stall acquisition channel.

What is an MVP?

MVP means “Minimal Viable Product”. Again this comes from the start up world. It’s the minimum “thing” you can build that people will actually buy. At Kohdao, we like doing MVPs or MVPs. We will help you build the minimum “thing” that will get you to market fit.

Unleash the power of PPC now!

PPC is a lot more than simply putting a text ad on google and hoping that a random visitor will click.